A little bit about us!

A little bit about us!

We are so glad you have stumbled upon our online boutique! We too stumbled upon this business, but isn't that how life happens? I'd like to take this time tell you a little bit about us and how we stumbled upon Six Honeybees.

My name is Christina. I have two kids, my son is 8 and my daughter is 4. I have always been drawn to classic southern styles, smocked clothing, monograms, and matching outfits. Unfortunately for me, my two kids are a bit far apart in age so I don't really get the opportunity to match them as often as I would like. Kids can be opinionated sometimes...I'm trying to appreciate their individual style, ha!

I'm originally from Austin, TX which is where Stephanie (my business partner) and I first met. Our families were friends, our moms chaired my Junior prom together, and we share a lot of mutual friends. Stephanie and I weren't actually close friends though until we both moved to San Antonio and ran into each other at our sons meet the teacher day (5 years ago!).

Stephanie has three kids: a son who is 8 and two daughters ages 6 and 4. Our kids are best friends and spend a lot of time together whether they like it or not (lucky for us, they like it). When we aren't working on Six Honeybees, we are planning fun play-dates, throwing birthday parties, playing tennis or signing up to volunteer at the kid's school.

Stephanie has always wanted to open her own kids clothing store. She has fabulous taste when it comes to matching her kids for holidays and family photos. Leading up until this point Stephanie worked in Real Estate marketing and I was responsible for marketing software. Talk about a 180! 

We are so excited to start this journey with all of you and hope you find something you love, just like we have!


Christina Thompson
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